What is Wisdom Will
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For years I had been planning to sit down and write letters to my son and daughters. I wanted to record for them all the things I’ve learned about life so far that I know would someday make their lives easier. From time to time something would happen that made me say to myself, “My kids will definitely run into this at some point in life, I should warn them”.  I would think about how important it was to remember these thoughts and start recording them.  It was scary to think of my children never knowing all the things I could have shared with them that would have made their lives easier. Yet I would get busy with something else and forget about it once again.

This changed on Oct 21st, 2017 when I woke up in the middle of the night to my wife screaming, “THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE”!  Thankfully we all got out of the house safely (other minor injuries to myself) but it was still a traumatic and life-changing experience for us.   In the weeks and months that followed, I thought a lot about the legacy I wanted to leave for my children.  I looked for a tool that would help me capture and organize my thoughts and experiences as well as new wisdom I could learn and share with them.  When I didn’t find such a tool I just started writing, and before I knew it I had written over 20 pages for them.  While some of it was personal and specific to my family, much of it would benefit almost any young person.  That’s when I realized I had created something that would be beneficial to other families as well.

A Wisdom Will ensures that your life lessons and experience will be available to your family during and long after your lifetime.  It’s a living document they can refer to throughout their lives and even pass on to their children.  Like a lot of people you probably want your children to inherit all the things you’ve worked for someday. You probably have (or will have) a will drawn up for this. And you’ll probably have that will updated once or twice in your life, tops. Your Wisdom Will can be updated yearly, daily, whenever you want. And it’s not a legal document so you don’t need an attorney.

Creator of Wisdom WillA Wisdom Will is designed for you to work on over time and present to your child or grandchild at a time of your choosing.  It would make a great gift for a milestone event like high school graduation or before they go off to college.  The website is a simple and user-friendly platform and includes lots of suggestions, ideas, and words of wisdom to help you get started and stay on course.

I’ve lived close to five decades now and it’s amazing how clear things look with the benefit of hindsight. If I could go back in time there are definitely things I would have done differently, and mistakes I would not have made. But since I can’t the next best thing is to prepare my children for situations they are sure to face and equip them to make wise decisions.  Actually, it’s an even better option because I love my children more than myself. And if you read this far you probably do too.

As a thank you for reading my story I’d like to offer you a 20% discount on your own Wisdom Will.  Just use promo code FALL20 at checkout.  The hardest step is the first one so get started my friend.


Jeffrey L. Davis
Creator of Wisdom Will™